Research Visualizations

Crew Scheduling with a Single Airline

A visualization of the simulated operations of Virgin America airlines over the course of one day, with flights animated on the map, and aircraft and crew operations at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) animated on the right. Created by David Antunes.

Heuristic Algorithms for the Travelling Salesman Problem

Animation of a heuristic algorithm for the travelling salesman problem. These algorithms search for an approximate solution to the following question: what is the shortest possible route that passes through each of the state capitals of the contiguous U.S. exactly once and returns to its origin city? Created by Reed Harder.

Crew Scheduling with a Single Crew Base

This animation displays the daily flights through the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), each labeled with its origin, destination, and an optimal crew assignment given by an integer programming algorithm. Created by Keji Wei.