Manuscripts under Review

Cavadas, J.,V. Vaze, and A. Antunes. Modeling Two-Stage Competition on Capacity and Pricing for Improving Transit and Parking Planning. Under Review.

Allee, A., L. Lynd, and V. Vaze. Drivers of Food Security: Trends from Cross-National Data. Under Review.

Jacquillat, A.,V. Vaze, and W. Wang. Primary vs. Secondary Mechanisms for Infrastructure Capacity Allocation when Users are Strategic. Under Review.

Harder, R., and V. Vaze. Two Stage Game Theoretic Modeling of Airline Frequency and Fare Competition. Under Review.

Sun, Y., U. N. Raghavan ,V. Vaze, C. Hall, P. Doyle, S. S. Richard, and C. Wald. Stochastic Programming for Outpatient Scheduling with Flexible Inpatient Exam Accommodation. Under Review.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Wei, K.,V. Vaze, and A. Jacquillat. Optimal Transit Planning: Interactions with Ridehailing, Congestion and Passenger Choice. In Preparation.

Wang, K., A. Jacquillat, and V. Vaze. On-Demand Urban Aerial Mobility: Strategic Vertiport Network Design. In Preparation.

Rashedi, N., and V. Vaze. A New Algorithmic Paradigm for Airline Recovery using Supervised Machine Learning. In Preparation.

Cadarso, L., and V. Vaze. An Integrated Airline Recovery Approach Capturing Passenger Compensation Impacts. In Preparation.

Yan, C., V. Vaze, and C. Barnhart. Choice-Based Integrated Airline Fleet Assignment and Schedule Design. In Preparation